A Photo Management Software Suite, SortPix XL Means You Can Search Photos and Find Duplicate Photos With Ease

Search photos on your computer more efficiently by getting rid of excess copies with SortPix XL.

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As a duplicate photo finder, SortPix XL can be used by everyone who stores their images on a personal computer. The photo manager software system allows you to search photos on your computer and then to delete any that are taking up space on your hard drive needlessly. This is great if you want an automatic duplicate photo finder, of course, because SortPix XL will search photos for you and then remove unwanted ones. However, most digital photographers will also be pleased to know that they can utilize it to search photos they have stored and to decide whether or not to remove duplicate photos the program finds. As such, the duplicate photo finder always puts the user in charge of what is done.

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Of course, as all good photo management software should do, SortPix XL does much more than provide you with the chance to search photos speedily. There are many other functions that the photo manager offers, too. Yes, you can find duplicate photos but you can then use the photo management functions to reorganize them. As such, users will often search photos within certain folders only or sort photos according to their date stamp to find what they are after. In the digital age, there are so many images to look through on the average computer, that this degree of flexibility with a duplicate photo finder is really essential nowadays. What else does the photo management software offer and who will benefit from it?

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Both Professional and Amateur Photographers Will Find That They Search Photos More Efficiently With SortPix XL

This photo managing software helps you to search photos, find photos you want to work on, and delete duplicate photos no matter how many you have in your library.
You don't need to work as a professional photographer in order to get great benefits from a high-quality duplicate photo finder like SortPix XL. Everyone who uses a digital SLR or even their smartphone to take pictures these days will often produce many, many more than they would have done using analog techniques and old-fashioned film. As such, even amateur snappers and hobbyist photographers will benefit from a photo management software package that means they can search photos – even in large numbers – faster and more accurately. As a photo manager software program that you can download onto any device using the appropriate Windows operating system, it will allow you to search photos by file name, by size, or by the date the image was created.

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With the ingenious software, you can easily search photos, sort your pictures, search duplicate photos and find pictures. Simply create your own directory structure and hold down the mouse button and move your photos to the desired folder- You can move only on picture or select more pictures. An auxiliary feature for fully automatically deleting duplicate images is also included in the image sorting application.

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Because it offers a great deal of flexibility when you search photos, honing in on the right one becomes much easier. All too often, portrait photographers or graphic designers will have a picture in mind that they want to edit or make use of from their image library but be unable to track it down swiftly. This is where photo manager software like SortPix XL comes into its own. Not only will it help you to sort photos on your computer and to search photos held within your library, but it will also do so in a way that is much less time-consuming than it would have been by manually inspecting each of them one after another.

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Furthermore, this well-designed photo management software suite will help you to maintain enough room on your hard drive to download newly captured images from your SLR or smartphone to your computer. Because it will find duplicate photos for you and then delete any unwanted ones, there is less space being taken up on your hard drive without good reason. Not only does this duplicate photo finder functionality mean that SortPix XL assists with good memory management on your PC but it will also mean that there are fewer images stored on it. In short, when you delete duplicate photos with the program, you make subsequent searches for particular pictures you have stored easier to perform.

SortPix XL – The Duplicate Photo Finder That Allows You To Search Photos In a Myriad of Ways

Find out more about how this powerful photo management software suite will help you to stay organized.

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Many users find that SortPix XL is all they need as an automated duplicate photo finder and will only use it to search photos they want to remove. If so, then that is – of course – fine. However, the photo management software has so much more to offer. For example, you can make use of it to search photos according to the EXIF data that is stored with them. If you search photos using this option, then you can find photos that all have the same aperture setting. Alternatively, SortPix XL can show you the exposure time you used when you search photos within a chosen folder. In addition to listing your search results by name, you can alter the file names of your pictures, too. So, if you wanted to add a suffix to all of the photos you took on a certain day or in a certain location over multiple visits, for instance, then the renaming tool that is part of the photo management software will be a big advantage to you.

In the digital realm, manage photos software also needs to be able to cope with multiple sources of information. With SortPix XL, you can search photos, of course, but you can also make use of it to look at and compare in a pair of preview windows other types of image. You may have screenshots that form part of your image library or picture-in-picture images you have created using other software for artistic purposes, fore example. With SortPix XL, you can sort and search all such images regardless of whether or not they were initially taken on a digital camera. The developers of this photo management software suite have got everything covered that a modern photographer is likely to need. So long as you use a PC to store your photographs, you can benefit from its drag and drop mouse controls. Given that some users prefer keyboard shortcuts, these are available, too, when you search photos on your system. With SortPix XL, it really is down to you how you prefer to use it!

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