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Like any good photo management software suite, SortPix XL offers users the chance to perform a wide range of different functions with their image library whilst remaining fully in control of their pictures all of the time. People use it to remove duplicate photos from your library, for example, or to sort through certain images from several days of shooting efficiently to put together a showcase of your shots. There again, some users find that the image managing tool comes into its own when it is used for reviewing images according to their size - small, medium or large. People also make use of this advanced photo management software to sort photos in a more efficient manner, for example, by filtering search results in your image folders according to the date when the picture was taken or by its file name by listing the results alphabetically.

In addition to these popular functions, this software is a photo management software system that allows you to search photos in your library with EXIF data. It is simple to operate for photo management functions of this sort by instructing the program to display things like the exposure time or the aperture setting that was recorded by your digital SLR when you captured your image. Indeed, with two different integrated image viewers, most users will like the fact that they use the photo management software to directly compare two similar – but not identical – images to determine which one works best for their purposes.

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As such, this manage photos software tool is a great system not only for keeping all of your images in good order but for helping you to make key decisions on what sort of pictures you will proceed with editing and other post-production enhancements and which will remain in their raw form. Consequently, many users of this application soon discover that the photo management software is not just there to help them find photos and to remove duplicate photos but to begin the process of creating a more professional gallery from their current image library, no matter how large or small it happens to be.

Photo Management Software and Delete Duplicate Photos to Free Space on Your PC's Hard Drive

SortPix XL is a photo management software system for all Windows users
Any digital photographer is likely to want to find duplicate photos in their library from time to time. If you leave it too long between using a photo management software system to clear your library of duplications, then these will soon build up. By utilizing a duplicate image finder regularly, users will obviously free up room on your hard drive from any images you have downloaded more than once from your digital camera or the SD cards you use to provide temporary storage for it. This is all too easy to do when you have just finished a shoot, of course, no matter how methodical you are in your approach.

Bear in mind, however that automated photo management software is not simply there to act as a duplicate picture cleaner to keep your PC's hard drive as free from needlessly stored files as possible. When you use the photo management software to get rid of duplications from your hard drive, you are also cutting down on the time it will take you to find images in future. This works because the fewer the number of files you have on your computer, the quicker it is to sort through the remaining ones.

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Even if you are looking at thumbnails and not the full image on your screen, it takes time to examine them all. When you don't find duplicate photos popping up on your Windows tablet or PC screen so often, it becomes much more convenient to track down the image you have in mind. In short, this high-quality photo management software will mean locating the picture you want easier and quicker, allowing you to get on with the more satisfying work of editing and enhancing your photographs rather than wasting time continuing to search needlessly.

Everyone Can Find Photos Quickly with Photo Management Software That Makes Life Easier

All kinds of users will find this manager program a breeze to operate.
A photo management software suite like no other, SortPix XL is designed for everyone. The programmers have thought about the way other photo management software works and taken the best of their ideas, incorporating them into a single photo manager app. The system offers extensive search functions that will work across the entire hard disk space you have on your PC even if you have multiple drives to provide back-ups of your image library. People are able to apply filters with the photo management software according to date, file types and other advanced options. When you are using the program, it is also child's play to drag and drop images with the photo management software into new locations so users could alter the folders where certain shoots or even individual images are held with nothing more than a mouse.

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Of course, this tool is utilized as a photo management software suite to automatically delete duplicate photos it finds anywhere on your PC's hard drive but the program is much more subtle than that. For example, it is easy enough to set the program to remove duplicate photos for you but only those which have been added after a certain date or which have been placed in certain folders, but not others. Indeed, users also use the photo management software as a duplicate image finder but not to automate their deletion, if preferred.

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This flexibility with the functionality of SortPix XL is what makes it really stand out. You get to operate it in a manner that suits your way of working best. So whether you like to automate processes or to remain in manual control, you will find that this photo management software provides everything you could wish for in a single package. People use it to delete and sort photos entirely with keyboard controls, if wanted, so they are able to clean up the image library extremely rapidly without having to rely on slower methods. Anyone who uses a PC to store and edit photos will be delighted with its reliable simplicity!

Users often search the best photo management software, but everyone must decide for himself which is the best photo management software.

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